About Us: 

Delicious coffee relies on sourcing green coffee beans of the highest quality, roasting them right, and brewing them at peak freshness. We created Goose Bridle Coffee to serve the best coffee you can get anywhere, believing that the hard working folks of our hometown love their coffee as much as anyone. Since 2017, we’ve been doing just that for our family and friends right here in Grayson, Kentucky.

Goose Bridle Coffee is a family business, run by Will Stevens, his wife and two daughters. Will has been passionate about coffee since he learned it was a thing, but Entrepreneur Coffee Roaster is one of a few hats he wears. (Dad being the most important among them.) But he is also a scientist and professor of chemistry. He’s something of a mad scientist, who really likes building homemade machines that observe and measure cool processes.  And a coffee roaster does just that! When you drink a cup of Goose Bridle coffee, you’re getting over 20 years of experience working hard to make that cup as tasty as possible.  That said, don’t take our word for it! Check out the links above to try it for yourselves!

Close up of Goose Bridle Coffee Beans
Goose Bridle Mug with aero press on top
Ground Goose Bridle Coffee beans close up

Where to buy our coffee:

The best place to buy our coffee is right here! Click on the Our Coffee link above to see our core and seasonal coffees. Additionally, we often share fundraiser coffees that support great folks who build our community.

The Goose Bride Coffee roaster
The Goose Bride Coffee roaster, cooling tray
The Goose Bride Coffee roaster, airflow valve

Contact Us:

We’d love to hear from you! Please email us (contact@goosebridlecoffee.com) or use the form below. Thank you!

Wholesale Inquiries:

Are you a business looking to up your coffee game? We offer wholesale accounts to grocery stores, convenience stores, Bed and Breakfasts, and more. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch soon!

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